“In too Deep” Coert Voorhees

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published July 9, 2013. Hyperion (Disney Book Group). 322 pp.

InTooDeepFinally! A romantic teen novel with a great historical/action/adventure plot with a scuba diving twist. Loved it!

Annie is a scuba diving pro, even though she’s only 15 years old. It’s rough being the only kid on scholarship at a school for the rich and famous, but she has great friends and loves working with her mom in their scuba shop. Her dad teaches history at the school, and instilled a love in her for the ocean and sunken treasures.

When she goes to Mexico for a school trip with her teacher Mr. Alvarez, Josh (her major crush) and several other students, she learns more about the missing Golden Jaguar of Hernan Cortes. Despite a school presentation she’d done on it, nothing prepared her for the knowledge that Mr. Alvarez was actually a treasure hunter who knew how to find it.

Annie finds an important clue leading to its whereabouts, but almost gets killed for it because another treasure hunter wants the Jaguar for himself, and will stop at nothing to get it. Annie and Josh team up to stay in the hunt, but time is running out. Will they find the Golden Jaguar before the bad guys do?

Teens aged 14 and older will enjoy this romantic, historical adventure too, while also learning a lot about scuba diving.


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