“Blue Bloods” Melissa de la Cruz

“Blue Bloods,” Book #1. Hyperion. 2006. 302 pp.

BlueBloodsLife was weird enough for Schuyler Van Alen, living alone with her grandmother in an old, drafty mansion and attending an exclusive high school for the incredibly rich. She doesn’t fit in anywhere, but weird doesn’t begin to cut it when she finds out she’s a Blue Blood – a select group of powerful vampires that have populated the New World since the settling of Plymouth Colony.

While still trying to wrap her head around her newfound bloodline, and the fact that she can never die, vampires begin to be murdered. A myth says a warring faction of vampires called Silver Bloods want to kill off all Blue Bloods, but no one believes they exist. It is going to be up to Schuyler to try and make sense of the tangled web of deceit that runs through the Blue Blood line to find the truth of what really is going on. Do Silver Bloods exist? Why are vampires dying? Who (or what) is killing them?

I really enjoyed reading “Blue Bloods,” and am very glad I have all the sequels at my fingertips to keep reading this interesting, and unsettling, mystery. Readers aged 14 and older, especially fans of vampires, will love this series. “Masquerade,” the sequel, should be just as exciting.

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