“Masquerade” Melissa de la Cruz

“Blue Bloods,” Book #2. Hyperion. 2007. 311 pp.

MasqueradeThe intrigue continues as half-blood vampire Shuyler and her human conduit friend Oliver are working overtime in Venice to find information to lead them to Lawrence, her grandfather and the only one who knows how to get rid of the Silver Bloods. The Committee still refuses to believe Silver Bloods have returned to complete the task they started centuries earlier – to kill all Blue Bloods. With her grandmother Cordelia’s last breath, she was told to find Lawrence so Shuyler won’t rest until she does.

Meanwhile, she still feels a strange attraction to handsome Jack Force, but his sister Mimi will not let him be corrupted by a half-blood vampire. She hates Shuyler, and will do anything to keep her away from Jack. Bliss’ blackouts are getting worse, and the strange dark creature with red eyes is consuming her with nightmares and whispers of her name. No one knows what will happen next, but all know that the Silver Bloods can’t be allowed to win this war.

Murder, jealousy, intrigue, fear, lust and power continue to fill the pages of this series, keeping readers aged 14 and older on the edges of their seats. Part 3, “Revelations,” is next in the series.


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