“Revelations” Melissa de la Cruz

“Blue Bloods,” Book #3. Hyperion. 2008. 264 pp.

RevelationsSchuyler continues to ignore warnings from her grandfather Lawrence and Mimi of how dangerous it is for her to be with Jack Force. With his bonding to Mimi rapidly approaching, he will do anything he can to break it and stay with Schuyler while Mimi will have to kill him if he does…

Bliss continues to have unexplained blackouts and visions but is told they are part of her change cycle. she forgets about everything when Dylan turns up weak, but unharmed. Unfortunately, he has lost his memory and has no idea what they once meant to each other.

While Schuyler, Jack, Mimi, Oliver, Bliss and Dylan are tangled up in each other’s affairs, Silver Bloods continue to strike Blue Bloods. It is believed their strength lies in Rio de Janeiro, but lies and deceit surround any attempt to find them. It isn’t long before Schuyler finds herself involved in another battle for her life.

This third book in the “Blue Bloods” series is a little long winded with Jack and Schuyler’s relationship when it would be more interesting if it focused on more Blue/Silver Blood battles. However, it is still pretty good, and I’m curious to see what happens in book #4 “The Van Alen Legacy.” Readers 14 and older may feel the same way.


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