“The Van Alen Legacy” Melissa de la Cruz

“Blue Bloods,” Book #4. Hyperion. 2009. 369 pp.

VanAlenLegacyIt has been a year since Schuyler’s grandfather, Lawrence, was killed by Leviathan. She and Oliver have fled from New York, because the Coven believe her to be responsible for his death. Wandering aimlessly throughout Europe, her only hope is to seek sanctuary from the European Coven. While awaiting a meeting with their leader, she is betrayed by the Silver Bloods but, with Jack Force once more by her side, manages to escape.

Upon returning to New York, she finds the Coven in shambles. Michael has disappeared, along with Charles Force. Bliss is almost totally possessed by Lucifer, Mimi is wrapped up in a secret romance with Kinglsey, while the Silver Bloods get stronger and more organized with each passing day.

Ultimately the plan for Schuyler to rescue the Coven is revealed. Only she has the power to do what no one else has been able to do, but it will come with a great sacrifice.

“The Van Alen Legacy” had much more action than the others in the series, however, the first few chapters were a little fuzzy since De la Cruz chose to leave a mysterious year gap and not quickly explain why Schuyler and Oliver were in Europe. I also found a bit of a discrepancy when it came to reading about the funeral of Bliss’ stepmother. At the end of Book #3, her father was described as stumbling out of the burning building holding his wife in his arms. Now, in Book #4, we read there was nothing left of her to bury and her casket was empty. Hmm. I doubt 14 and older readers of the series noticed this error but, since I’d just finished #3, it was fresh in my mind and I noticed.

Next up is Book #5 “Misguided Angel.”


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