“Lost in Time” Melissa de la Cruz

“Blue Bloods,” Book #6. Hyperion. 2011. 342 pp.

LostInTimeAll the vampire covens around the world are in shambles. The New York coven is the only survivor, as all have been destroyed by the Silver Bloods. Desperate to find the hidden Gate of Promise to protect it from Lucifer’s assault, and secure the survival of the Blue Bloods, Jack and Shuyler continue to encounter multiple resistance. It seems the Silver Bloods have prepared much better than the Blue Bloods had expected, leaving Jack and Schuyler to face more adventures than they had planned. With each passing day, the Croatan’s power over the Red Bloods increases, while Blue Bloods continue to rapidly disappear. It seems Jack and Schuyler are fighting a losing battle.

In the meantime, Mimi is having adventures of her own. Desperate to be with Kingsley, she has entered into a bargain to bring him back to the world of the living. However, to do so, she will have to descend into the inner circles of hell. Oliver’s growing friendship for her has brought him alongside for the journey, but neither have any idea of the difficulties that await them nor know that this trip will cost them both dearly.

Finally, De la Cruz  allows readers to get the inside story from Allegra herself as she travels back in time to recount her doomed love affair with Ben while revealing the story of what transpired long ago between her and Charles Force.

This new addition to the Blue Bloods series answers multiple questions from earlier books while being darker and containing more urgency than the others. Readers 14 and older will run to read the last book in the series “Gates of Paradise” to see how De la Cruz ties up all these life stories as time is running out for Jack, Schuyler, Mimi, Oliver, Allegra, Charles and all vampires.


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