“Gates of Paradise” Melissa de la Cruz

“Blue Bloods,” Book #7. Hyperion. 2013. 355 pp.

GatesofParadiseWhile Schuyler and Oliver desperately try to find out as much information as they can regarding the Gate of Paradise, Mimi and Jack face their greatest challenges. Lucifer is determined to lead his army into Paradise, so tasks them to destroy the greatest loves of their lives; Mimi must kill Kingsley while Jack must kill Schuyler. If they fail, everyone they hold dear will die. If they succeed, their bond will be broken but they will have no one left to love.

Meanwhile Bliss, Lawson and the wolf pack continue their search for passages that will lead them to Hell. Gabrielle laid the burden of bringing the wolves to the Gate upon her, but no matter how hard they search all roads lead to dead ends. It seems as if Lucifer will succeed on all counts, as Kingsley’s brave Venators and entire covens of Blue Bloods succumb to his army. Soon there will be no one left to fight against him and Paradise will be his for the taking.

“Gates of Paradise” is full of action, adventure, battles and surprises. Fourteen and older De la Cruz fans followed her characters for seven years, and will be hard pressed to find an alternative read now that the series is complete. Her “Wolf Pact” series, released as an ebook in 2012, is strongly referred to throughout the book so readers who have not yet read it might want a “go.”


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