“Angels & Demons” Dan Brown

2000. Atria Books. 569 pp.

Angels&DemonsI just moved to a new state, and found that my public library’s YA collections left much to be desired. Forced to choose other avenues of reading, I found myself browsing the GASP! Adult section. Cue horror music…

I hadn’t the foggiest idea what Adult author to look for, because I’ve spent years reading YA with only a few Adult books thrown into the mix. So I decided to just randomly start with the letter “A” in the Fiction section to see if an author/book caught my eye. I know, it’s not the best way in the world to get a book, but it worked for me. I got to the “B’s” and vaguely remembered a big deal being made about an author named Dan Brown, so I decided to check out a few of his books. The first one I read was “Angels & Demons,” and from the first few pages I was hooked.

Robert Langdon is a Harvard professor, specializing in the study of Symbology. When he is called to Switzerland to investigate a gruesome murder, he finds himself tangled in a web of intrigue, adventure and deceit with a secret cult called the Illuminati and the Roman Catholic Church. The Illuminati is a centuries old group once made up of famous scientists and artists from the time of Galileo. Over the years, their alumni grew as did their finances and determination to rid themselves from the Church’s unreasonable hold on their scientific progress. In return, the Church has made it their goal to destroy the group to keep their nefarious ways from undermining religious beliefs held dear to their own hearts. It was a battle that raged for centuries.

With the recent theft of a canister of antimatter, a bomb that could destroy the entire Vatican City with just a few drops, Robert is on a racing countdown through the ancient city of Rome to discover the hiding place of the canister while seeking the Illuminati assassin who kidnapped four Cardinals on the eve of Conclave with the threat of killing one per hour. As he travels from one clue to another, readers are enlightened on fascinating Vatican and Roman history.

“Angels & Demons” is nonstop action, as Brown keeps Adult readers guessing what will happen next while teetering on the edges of their seats in surprise, dismay and excitement. The conclusion will leave readers speechless.

Now I’m off to read “The DaVinci Code,” and can’t wait to see what happens to Langdon in this edition.


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