“The Da Vinci Code” Dan Brown

2003. Doubleday (Random House). 454 pp.

TheDaVinciCodeWow! Wow! Wow! Dan Brown, once again, leads adult readers on a tour of historical sites and rollercoaster adventures with our favorite symbologist Robert Langdon. This time Robert is in Paris and is supposed to meet with Jacques Sauniere, curator of the Louvre. Unfortunately, Jacques is found dead, and Robert is the primary suspect.

Before he died, however, Sauniere managed to leave numerous clues for Sophie Neveu, his granddaughter which he hoped would lead her to the Holy Grail. As Grandmaster for a secret society known as The Priory of Sion, and knowing that three other top leaders who also knew the secret location had been murdered, Sauniere knew the Grail’s location would die with him unless Sophie could figure out his clues and save it from the murderer.

Relentlessly pursued by the French Police, as well as the murderer and his team who would do anything to get their hands on the Grail, Robert and Sophie wind through the historical bowels of Europe as readers are educated on the ancient Priory of Sion group,  and the important secret they guarded for centuries which was rumored to be so important the Catholic Church would kill to keep it secret.

As Sophie and Robert uncover more layers of the Priory’s secrets, much is revealed about Leonardo da Vinci and other historical figures which will leave his readers speechless. This thrilling, action packed mystery is a must read and, when finished, will continue to be the subject of much conversation and debate.

PS – to find out more about the secret society known as The Priory of Sion, read this 60 Minutes report. It’s an eye opener.


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