“The Lost Symbol” Dan Brown

2009. Doubleday. 509 pp.

TheLostSymbolOnce again our hero, Harvard professor and symbologist Robert Langdon, finds himself in a bit of a jam. Lured to Washington D.C. for a speaking gig, he finds himself trapped in a carefully laid plan set by a wily criminal named Mal’akh. This ruthless murderer has kidnapped and tortured Robert’s friend Peter Solomon, and will stop at nothing to reach his goal.

Robert is the only one who can decipher the symbols on an ancient Masonic pyramid which are rumored to show the way to a hidden staircase under a giant stone in Washington. Legend says the answer to a great mystery lies in this hidden place, and Mal’akh plans to claim it as his own. Unless Robert can get him the answers he seeks in a timely manner, Peter will die.

Interestingly, the CIA is also interested in getting their hands on the pyramid and its secrets, but Robert is always one step ahead of them as he evades capture along with Peter’s sister Katherine. Forced to think fast while on the run, Robert comes up with some very interesting theories and clues about religion and symbology on his way to solving the mystery of the pyramid.

Multiple murders, chases, imprisonments and lots of history and art culture are all part of “The Lost Symbol,” as Dan Brown leads his adult readers on another rollercoaster ride of adventure and a trip through time. Fans of Langdon will be pleased to know Brown has just released his latest adventure “Inferno,” which can be found at a public library near you.


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