“Promised” Caragh M. O’Brien

Promised“The Birthmarked Trilogy,” Book #3. Roaring Book Press. 2012. 293 pp.

Gaia and the people of Sylum have left their poisonous land and are headed for a new life in The Enclave. Gaia hopes the Protectorate will welcome their new DNA, offer them water and sanctuary and accept Leon as his son. Little does she know The Enclave has changed, with the Protectorate deciding that creating a baby factory is the best way to give childless families a healthy baby.

With Gaia’s arrival, the Protectorate is very interested in one thing. If Gaia gives him what he wishes, her life will never be the same. If she doesn’t, her people will die. Her love for Leon is tested anew, as she and the people of Sylum face their greatest challenges while the Protectorate works to destroy their rights, their lives, and Leon.

In this last edition of O’Brien’s series, 14 and older readers are faced with more thought provoking issues about reproduction and the value of human life.


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