“Unravel Me” Tahereh Mafi

“Shatter Me, book #2.” 2013. Harper (Harper Collins). 461 pp.

UnravelMeJuliette is now living in Omega Point with others who have “gifts.” Her times spent alone with Adam are few and far between, as she is supposed to be training for an upcoming war with the Reestablishment. Instead of being happy to be in a stable place after so many years in the insane asylum, she spends her time feeling frustrated and unhappy with her lot in life. Her frustration grows as her lethal touch causes her and Adam to grow apart.

When Warner is captured and taken to Omega Point, his love for Juliette is not hidden, and she finds herself wildly attracted to him. In the midst of uncertainty and war, Juliette manages to gain a new level of confusion as she tries to determine if her heart lies with Warner, who understands her the most, or with Adam, who she supposedly loves.

Juliette fills the pages of “Unravel Me” with continuous whining and “woe is me” filled paragraphs of teen angst which get to be quite annoying. The character of Kenji is funny, better developed, and very likable. Readers also get to see a new side of Warner which complicates Juliette and Adam’s relationship, turning it into a love triangle. Fans fourteen years old and older will definitely jump on the Team Adam/Team Warner (or maybe even Team Kenji) bandwagons.

Fans of the series will have to wait to find out who Juliette ends up with, as “Ignite Me,” the final book in the series, is not due to be released until 2014.

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