“I am Number Four: Secret Histories” Pittacus Lore

Rated 4 stars **** Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files #4-6. Harper (Harper Collins). 2013. 406 pp.

Includes “The Search for Sam,” “The Last Days of Lorien,” and “The Forgotten Ones.”

SecretHistoriesThese novellas give background information on various characters from the popular “I am Number Four” series. As preludes to “The Fall of Five,” they should be read beforehand so readers have background information on some of the exciting events that take place in it.

Both “The Search for Sam” and “The Forgotten Ones” gives more information about Adam, the Mogadorian who plays an important role in “The Fall of Five,” who readers were introduced to in “The Fallen Legacies.” It also fleshes out the characters of Number One, killed first in “I am Number Four,” as well as Sam’s father.

“The Last Days of Lorien” relates Sandor’s story, Nine’s cephan, while narrating the sad history of Lorien, its Mogadorian invasion, and the final trip to Earth by its survivors.

Each novella is an important addition to the Lorien Legacies series, and will be devoured by fans fourteen years old and older.



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