“Hallowed” Cynthia Hand

Unearthly, book #2. HarperTeen. 2012. 403 pp.

HallowedClara was sick of being told what to do. In “Unearthly,” her Purpose was to rescue Christian from a raging forest fire but she decided to rescue Lucas, her boyfriend, instead of Christian. She couldn’t stand the thought of losing Lucas, so went against her mother and all her training. Thus, by deliberately going against fate, she ruined not only her Purpose but Christian’s Purpose too as she found out, too late, that he was also an angel.

Now that life has returned to normal, Clara is conflicted trying to figure out if she will get struck dead for disobeying or if she will get another Purpose. With her love for Tucker overriding all common sense, she continually ignores a gut feeling that she is meant to be with Christian. As if her emotions weren’t running ragged enough, a certain Black Wing’s continual sorrow overwhelms her at every turn while another vision warns that someone she loves will soon die.

Who is going to die? Why is the Black Wing targeting her? Why does her mother keep hiding secrets? What is her Purpose? Why does her gut tell her she belongs with Christian while her heart demand she stay with Tucker? Why is her brother Jeffrey acting so strangely? These questions and more will keep Hand’s young adult fans aged 14 and older eagerly turning the pages.

The final book “Boundless” should finally settle the most pressing question: Lucas or Christian? Hmmm. I’m now leaning towards Team Christian. Clara and I can be very fickle…


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