“Reality Check” Peter Abrahams

HarperTeen. 2009. 330 pp.

RealityCheckCody’s life in the sleepy town of Little Bend Colorado revolved around two things: football and his beautiful girlfriend Clea. Clea is rich, and he’s not, but they love each other. When her father catches them together he flips out, sending Clea off to boarding school in Vermont. A torn ACL, and an inability to focus on his schoolwork, makes him decide to drop out of school and move on with his life. However, when Clea mysteriously disappears from her school a short time later, Cody knows he has to help find her.

Despite the fact that she’s been missing for days without any signs, Cody is sure she’s still alive. After driving cross country to find her, he is determined to question anyone who may have seen her and known anything about her whereabouts. Cody soon uncovers clues, getting closer to the truth of what really happened the day Clea disappeared. Unfortunately, it appears someone doesn’t want him to find out the truth and will do anything to stop him.

Peter Abrahams’ suspenseful story about Cody’s search for the girl he loves is full of twists, turns, dark secrets and surprises. Teen readers 14 years old and older, especially boys, will be glued to its pages.


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