“Goddess” Josephine Angelini

Starcrossed, book #3. HarperTeen. 2013. 423 pp.

GoddessTricked by Ares into becoming blood brothers Helen, Lucas and Orion unwittingly joined the Four Houses, thus releasing Zeus and the other gods from his promise to remain imprisoned on Olympus. Now that they have been freed, the gods are roaming throughout the Earth wrecking havoc and chaos on mortals.

Helen has confusion of her own because she has started developing strange new powers. She finds herself growing distant from Claire and the rest of the Delos family as she ponders these new differences and wonders what they mean. Since Orion can see her feelings, she feels as if only he can understand her secrets. Unfortunately their closeness drives Lucas crazy as he believes Claire loves Orion, and the darkness within him deepens daily.

Meanwhile Zeus and the other gods are determined to win their final battle over the Scions, and have amassed an army that threatens to wipe out all the Houses. With war looming, and divisions amongst themselves, the Scions desperately try to think of a plan that will save them and their way of life.

Greed, revenge, murder, hate and love are all bound up in the lives of the characters readers aged 14 and older have grown to love in the series. Angelini pulls out all the stops in this long awaited conclusion but leaves a few ends untied, perhaps hinting at a future novella to solve them.

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