“Insurgent” Veronica Roth

Divergent, book #2. 2012. Katherine Tegen Books (HarperCollins) 525 pp.

DivergentThe scenario of having to shoot Will plays through Tris’ mind over and over again. Unable to forgive herself for his death, she sinks into a world of apathy, depression and fear. Once brave and full of Dauntless courage, she is now afraid to hold a gun or face her own fears. Tobias does his best to shake her out of her self imposed despair, reminding her of the necessity of killing him, but Tris refuses to be convinced and continues to wallow in misery.

While Tris fights with her demons, the world she knew has fallen into complete chaos. Erudite and Dauntless traitors, led by a crazed Jeanine Matthews, are in control. With the Abnegation faction almost gone, and not enough loyal faction members remaining to fight off their hostilities, Tobias decides it best to side with Evelyn, his long lost mother. She is now leader of the Factionless, and her goal is to stop the killings by uniting all Factions.

Meanwhile Marcus, his father, has hinted Jeanine is hiding a secret that will change everything. Tobias sides with Evelyn in calling him a liar, but Tris is convinced he knows more than he’s willing to reveal. Desperate to make a difference, Tris has to call her own allegiances to mind and choose between her love for Tobias and her Erudite search for the truth. Her decision will change everything and everyone, including herself.

“Insurgent” is full of chaos and deceit, as well as plot twists and turns. Readers aged 12-18 will keep turning the pages as they follow Tris from one adventure to another. “Allegiant,” the last book in the series, will answer the many questions Roth deliberately chose to leave unanswered.



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