“The Space Between” Brenna Yovanoff

2011. Razorbill (Penguin). 363 pp.

TheSpaceBetweenIn all books, angels are the good guys. They come to Earth to help all the helpless humans, and keep away all the bad demons who are trying to kill them. Angels fight against bad demons, angels win, and mankind is saved. The End. However, in “The Space Between,” Yovanoff takes a new look at this decidedly old tale.

Daphne, Lucifer’s daughter, lives in Pandemonium with her mother and assorted half sisters. Souls regularly appear and are herded into their proper places in the Pit, where everything is predictable and orderly. Each demon has a job to do, and they do it well.

Her brother Obie’s job is to go to Earth to comfort children of fallen angels who have somehow managed to seriously hurt themselves in some way. Unfortunately while out caring for Truman, a tortured teen intent on finding ways to kill himself, Obie disappears. He is feared captured by the angel Azrael and his demon killer who are intent on ridding the Earth of all demons.

Without any knowledge of what she’ll find on Earth, or how to locate Obie, Daphne runs away to find him. Her only clue for his whereabouts is to locate Truman and see if he has any knowledge of Obie’s last moments. While caring for Truman, Daphne develops feelings of which she’d never thought herself capable. Running for her life from Azrael and his demon killer, while searching for Obie and loving Truman, changes her outlook on herself and life forever.

“The Space Between” is a good read, and is recommended for readers 14 and older. As recounted earlier, its premise is quite interesting and will be sure to generate conversation – especially the last few chapters.


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