“The Bane Chronicles” Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson, Sarah Rees Brennan

10 short stories currently available only as ebooks. Ranging from 40-65 pages. Published between 2012 and 2013.

When I was given a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas, I decided I would finally get to read books certain authors insisted on releasing only as ebooks (you know who you are Cassandra Clare, Kimi Garcia, Veronica Roth, and others.)

I’m not a big fan of ebooks, especially ones labeled 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, plus I’d much rather curl up with an actual book in my hand. However since I now have a kindle, the least I could do is read these short story ebooks and MAYBE expand to actual GASP! “real” books! MAYBE.

One group of short story ebooks I had my eye on was “The Bane Chronicles.” This set of 10 short stories about Magnus Bane and other characters from The Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices series seemed to be interesting, so I had the first nine delivered to my kindle. (The last in the series won’t be released until next month).

Rated 2 stars **: The first and second short stories“What really happened in Peru?” and “The Runaway Queen” were terrible. I was very disappointed in the writing style, the lack of storyline, and the general silliness of both books. Plus, neither had anything to do with The Mortal Instruments or the Infernal Devices, so I felt like I’d been a victim of the old bait and switch.

Rated 3 stars ***: The third story “Vampires, Scones and Edmund Herondale” was okay, as it was the first to actually include a Shadowhunter character. By the time “The Midnight Heir” (#4) was released, the authors had finally gotten into the necessary groove to write a story that was actually interesting and had passable action.

Rated 4 stars ****: Numbers 5-9 “The Rise of the Hotel Dumort,” “Saving Raphael Santiago,” “The Fall of the Hotel Dumort,” “What to buy the Shadowhunter who has everything,” and “The Last Stand of the New York Institute” made up for having to plow through the first two bad reads as they had lots of humor, action and enough Shadowhunter/Downworlder references to keep me happy.

These short stories should be read in order as they’re written from the very, very early years of Magnus Bane’s life to his later years in the 1990’s. Readers aged 12 and older will enjoy the references to characters from Clare’s books, and may be just as bored with numbers 1 and 2 in the series.

The last short story in the series “The Course of True Love [and First Dates]” is supposed to released February 18th. A hardcover edition of all ten short stories titled “The Bane Chronicles” will be published in early September for those of you without kindles.

FallOfTheHotelDumort SavingRaphaelSantiago TheLastStandOfTheNewYorkInstitute TheMidnightHeir TheRiseOfTheHotelDumort TheRunawayQueen VampiresSconesAndEdmundHerondale WhatReallyHappenedInPeru WhatToBuyTheShadowhunterWhoHasEverything


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