“The Mind Thieves” Lori Brighton

Rated 1 star * Mind Readers, #2. ebook. Published 2012.

TheMindThievesCameron and her grandmother are enjoying a normal; worry free life on a Caribbean island. Cam doesn’t know what to think when an extremely handsome older man named Maddox shows up on her eighteenth birthday insisting she knows him, that she is in danger, and that her dead father is really alive.

It doesn’t take long before Cam finds herself in the midst of a gun battle, forced to flee with Maddox for her life. Despite vowing to hate him for separating her from her Grandmother, and unsure as to whether or not to trust him, Cam finds herself strangely attracted to this handsome stranger.

When her father comes and helps to rescues her, Cam is thrilled. Her joy quickly fades when she finds out he has a secret job, and some not-so-secret expectations for her. With her memories returning, and at the height of her confusion over who to trust, she meets Nora. An agent for the other side, Nora tries to convince her to leave her father’s camp. Knowing she can’t trust her father anymore, and with her memories fully restored, Cam decides to run away and find Lewis. However daddy doesn’t want his little girl to leave, and Cam finds herself in the midst of another nightmare fight for her life.

Brighton weaves a tale of espionage, confusion, romance and naïveté for her YA readers. Unfortunately, she also continues to not use an editor, resulting in needless grammatical errors, which I detailed in my review of “The Mind Readers.” Most egregiously of all, she wastes reader’s time by quoting numerous chapters word for word from book #1, under the guise of detailing Cameron’s returning memories. It is not necessary to regurgitate parts of one book into another, which cheats readers of a completely new read. If I had known that in advance, I wouldn’t have bothered reading book #1.

I will leave it up to you to decide if you want to Read It Or Not.


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