“The Mind Keepers” Lori Brighton

Rated 1 star * Mind Readers, #4. ebook. Published 2013.

TheMindKeepersCameron and Lewis have been reunited, her mother and fake father are dead, Aaron has disappeared, the children are safe, and all should be well in the household. Nope. Time for another adventure…

When Cameron mind travels and learns Maddox is going to be transferred to another prison, she knows he needs to be rescued from S.P.I. Nora isn’t so sure, as she’s spent too much time hating him. It’s bad enough she’s suddenly inherited massive power as the new Source. She doesn’t have time to think about the love she may or may not feel for Maddox.

With this premise, Lori Brighton takes her YA readers on yet another trip down memory lane. This time, Nora is the narrator and we are regaled with the exact same insecurities faced by Cameron. Who to trust? Who to love? Why is she the Source? I’m so jealous. etc. etc. Surely Lori could have thought of new plot lines by now, since it’s the fourth book in the series.

The fact that Cameron’s past thoughts have been regurgitated, and the only change is Nora narrating instead of Cameron, shows Maddox could have been rescued in book three and the series could have finally ended. It was bad enough reading about Cameron’s moaning and insecurities, now having to read the exact same insecurities through Nora’s voice is too much to ask readers to take.

On a positive note, Brighton’s usual mess of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes were lower in this book, but there were still too many to count. Therefore I leave it up to you to decide if you want to Read it or Not.


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