“Projection” Risa Green

Rated 3 stars *** 2013. Soho Press. 282 pp.

ProjectionGretchen’s life changes forever when her mother is killed at her 8th grade graduation party. There are no suspects but Gretchen suspects Ariel, her loser arch enemy. In an effort to find out information, she and her best friend Jessica engage in the ancient Plotinus ritual which involves breathing into each other’s mouths to exchange souls. Her mother had been involved in a Secret Society charged with protecting this secret, and they are sure she was murdered because of it. The ritual worked, but their happiness is short lived when they find out Ariel had videotaped them “kissing” for revenge and posted it on YouTube. With their social life in shambles, the girls leave town for two years.

When they return they are more determined than ever to find out who killed Gretchen’s mother and stole the anklet which is supposed to trigger the Plotinus ability. Hiding the secret that they can project without it, they invite Ariel into their inner circle (since Gretchen secretly still suspects her) and begin projecting into each other’s lives. What they find out will leave the town, and their lives, upside down forever.

Green’s premise of being able to project into someone else’s life will be readily accepted by her readers who, I’m sure, have entertained the thought of wishing they could be someone else. Recommended for ages 12-16.


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