“Freewill” Chris Lynch

Rated * star. ARC ebook. To be published March 4, 2014. Simon & Schuster.

FreewillSeventeen-year-old Will is highly imbalanced. He is living with his grandparents because his father committed suicide after killing his stepmother. This event has deeply affected him, leaving him unable to attend the regular high school. As a result, he must spend time in the alternative high school, carving beautiful pieces out of wood, with only random memories of how the pieces came to be carved. He is certain he doesn’t belong there, insisting he is meant to be a pilot, but no one takes him seriously.

Will floats through life talking to himself, second guessing himself, and wondering about his grandparent’s motives in caring for him. The voice in his head narrates the story, and either drives Will forward or holds him back from action. When a local teen commits suicide, Will puts a wooden monument by the memorial site. Soon a rash of teen suicides occur, which makes Will believe he is responsible because his wooden pieces are always at the same location. Through his disjointed, fevered, very confused mind readers seek to pick out clues to his strange behavior and wonder what makes him “tick.”

“Freewill” was released in 2001, and is being released again in 2014 with a new cover. It is not a happy book, but is very dark and full of deep, confused, almost crazed thoughts that might be too much for some of its 14 and older readers.

I didn’t care for “Freewill”, but will leave it to you to decide if you want to Read It or Not.



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