“Gypsy Davey” Chris Lynch

Rated *** stars. ARC ebook. To be published March 4, 2014. Simon & Schuster.

GypsyDaveyTold in various voices “Gypsy Davey” is the story of a dysfunctional family and one voice that rises up like a beacon of hope from the darkness in which it finds itself. That voice belongs to twelve-year-old Davey who is a special needs child. As a child, he barely talked and nothing seemed to bother him, including his mother’s bad habit of leaving him home alone at the age of two. By the time his sister Joanne was 7 years old, she had become his surrogate mother.

Joanne and Davey’s father doesn’t live with them but pops in for visits and sends money semi regularly. He claims to love them, berates their mother for beating them, is still desperately still in love with her, and yet can’t bring himself to live at home. He has itchy feet, spending time in Florida and various motels and doesn’t want to be tied down.

“Gypsy Davey” takes us through the sadness of their lives as Joanne changes into a mini version of her mother having her own child, Dennis, by age 17 who she proceeds to abuse. Dennis is the joy of Davey’s heart and, through his ministrations of love for this poor uncared for child, readers see Davey’s growth and maturity that far exceeds every member of his family.

Recommended for readers aged 14 and older who will feel their heart warming towards Davey, as did mine. (Previously published in 1994, “Gypsy Davey” is celebrating its 10th anniversary with this 2014 version.)


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