“Boundless” Cynthia Hand

Rated 4 stars **** Unearthly, book #3. HarperTeen. 2013. ebook.

BoundlessAfraid of what might happen to Tucker if the Dark Wings find him, Clara breaks up with him and flees to Stanford. She tries to live her life as a normal college freshman, hoping to forget about Tucker, find her purpose with Christian and find Jeffrey. Her feelings for Christian and Tucker are like ocean waves, drawing her from one to the other, leaving her more confused than ever.

Everything is put on hold when Angela becomes pregnant from her secret angel boyfriend, and is forced to hide the baby when the leader of the Dark Wings decides he wants him. Dragged off to hell, it will take all of Clara and Christian’s power to rescue her and save the world as they know it.

Hand pulls out all the stops, calling on Christian and Clara to work together to solve the problems of the world. Fans of will be excited to have the series end on a high note.

Recommended for ages 14 and older.

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