“Frozen” Mary Casanova

Rated 5 stars ***** 2012. University of Minnesota Press. ebook. (Includes an Author’s Note, and a list of books for further reading).

FrozenSadie Rose hasn’t spoken a word for 11 years. When she was 5 years old she went out into the snow to look for her mother, and almost froze to death. With her mother dead, a rich Senator and his wife took her into their home.

It is now 1922 and she accidentally finds some photos of her mom hidden in a garage. Soon memories begin to trickle back and, with them, her voice returns. With the ability to speak once again, Sadie Rose feels a freedom she’s never felt. Her returning memories spur her on to find out what really happened to her mother but, the more she uncovers the more it seems someone wants the truth to stay hidden.

Set alongside the fledgling Women’s Rights Movement, Prohibition, and the new Environmentalist Movement, “Frozen” shows a young girl struggling to find her true voice in the midst of her own changing world. It is based on true events.

Recommended for ages 13-16.




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