“Deep Winter: A Novel” Samuel W. Gailey

Rated 5 stars *****2014. Penguin Group. ebook. ARC. To be published February 20, 2014.

DeepWinterANovelWhen Danny was 5 years old, he fell through thin ice and was submerged for more than 10 minutes. His parents drowned trying to rescue him, and he sustained severe brain damage. Bullied by all the children, Danny was left to fend for himself. Mindy came to his aid when he was 8 years old, keeping him from getting beat up by the town bully, and becoming his only friend.

Now all grown up, not much has changed in his little backwoods Pennsylvania town. Still shunned and ridiculed, Mindy remained his only friend. However, Danny’s life takes a turn for the worse when Mindy is found brutally murdered and he is accused of the crime.

Mindy’s murder triggers a series of more murders will all evidence pointing back to him, but Danny knows who killed her. Unfortunately the killer knows too. He has gotten away with a lot over the years, and will make sure Danny doesn’t ruin the plans he has carved out for himself. Will Danny get a chance to talk, or will his still, small voice be silenced forever?

Gailey has woven a well-written tale of intrigue, sadness, suspense and mystery that will draw in his readers, with all demanding justice be served. Danny’s character reminded me of Lennie in Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men,” and I cringed as I read hoping he wouldn’t encounter a similar fate. Readers will be just as involved in Danny’s fate, with the non-stop action keeping them turning pages until the very surprising ending.

Highly recommended for Adult readers.


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