“Pandemic” Yvonne Ventresca

Rated 4 stars **** 2014. Sky Pony Press. ebook. ARC. To be published May 6, 2014. (Includes Resources and Acknowledgements).

PandemicNo one knows the truth about what happened to Lilianna that day except for her parents, her two best friends, the police and her counselor. With her former life now dead, Lil dresses in black and shuts herself off from anything she used to do in the past. To cope she obsesses over real and imagined disasters, stocking up on food and supplies for a catastrophe she knows will come since her life is all about calamities.

With both her parents out of town for the weekend, tragedy strikes in the form of a deadly flu. Within days, thousands in her town and throughout the country have fallen ill and died. With looters ransacking empty houses, neighbors dying, food supplies running low, and no family to help, Lil’s worse nightmare has come true.

To keep her head above water Lil tries to avoid her fear of contagion, agreeing to spend time with Jay, the handsome new student, and other survivors from her high school to help those less fortunate. Unfortunately the continued death of loved ones, and the reappearance of the person who caused her every nightmare, leaves Lil feeling her life should be about more than surviving the pandemic. However, does she have the strength to face her fears head on?

This interesting take on what could happen should the United States be hit with a modern day version of the Spanish influenza of 1918 will leave readers on the edges of their seats. After reading it, I felt like I should stock up on food, water and medicine. Just in case, of course…

Recommended for ages 14 and older.



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