“Don’t Even Think About It” Sarah Mlynowski

Rated 2 stars ** 2014. Delacorte Press. ebook. ARC. To be published March 11, 2014.

Don'tEvenThinkAboutItA group of high school students get the flu shot at school. Within a short time, they all become telepathic – able to read every one’s thoughts. Some are quite excited at the prospect, while others are nervous. The group of them (readers never know who’s talking) decides to tell us their story.

As time goes on, they realize being able to read people’s minds is not as exciting as they thought it would be because being bombarded with everyone’s thoughts, getting splitting headaches and purple eyes is just half the problem. The other half is finding out things like your best friend thinks you’re fat, your crush likes someone else, your parents have sex while you’re sleeping (ewww!) and your dad is having an affair.

This fluffy, chick lit book has some laughs and will probably be enjoyed by the 14 and older set, especially those who have ever wished they could read minds. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if You Want to Read It or Not.



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