“Learning not to Drown” Anna Shinoda

Rated 4 stars **** To be published April 1, 2014. ebook. ARC. Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

LearningNotToDrownSeventeen-year-old Clare has a terrible secret. Her family skeleton is so bad; he haunts her every waking moment because he knows everything about Luke, her drug addicted older brother who has been in and out of prison his whole life. Unfortunately, so does everyone in her small town.

As the years go by, her brother Peter seems to always be angry at her, while she and her parents continue to believe Luke can do no wrong. It takes years for Clare to realize her family has problems.

Despite what she wants to believe, Luke has some very serious issues. If she wants to help her family, Clare will have to make decisions that will not be popular but will help her not to drown in the uncertainty of her life.

“Learning not to Drown” is a very powerful read. It will go a long way towards helping readers understand how one person’s behavior affects another for many years.

Recommended for readers 18 years old and older.


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