“The Prodigal” Michael C. Hurley

Rated 3 stars *** 2013. ebook. ARC. Ragbagger Press.

TheProdigalAidan Sharpe was a lawyer feared by his peers. There was no case he couldn’t handle, and his many wealthy clients were a boon to his firm and his own fortune. Life was good, until a wrong decision brought everything crashing down. With nowhere to lay his head, and not a penny to his name, Aidan was sent to live with kindly Father Marcus O’Reilly on Ocracoke Island.

Father Marcus had been exiled to Ocracoke many years ago by the bishop for his contrary views on Catholicism, but there he flourished. With a lending hand ready to help the destitute, it seemed only natural he befriend Aidan when he arrived in Ocracoke.

Molly McGregor owned one of two towing ships on Ocracoke. Seemingly content, her hidden desires for stability and love rise to the surface when Aidan arrives on the island. Suddenly her way of life seems lonely, but her fear of relationships keeps her from acting upon her own feelings.

Ibrahim Joseph was exiled from his homeland in the Bahamas. As a man without a country, and no friend to call his own, his days fell into a rhythm of sameness. Aidan’s unexpected friendship brought out a side he’d kept hidden for years, as the two learned to trust each other.

Each of these character’s lives become entangled when they enter a sailing race with a ship that mysteriously appeared after being lost for over 100 years. The ship brings back to life a 2000-year-old mystery that is enough of a reality to create trouble for the four friends. Their newfound friendship will be tested in ways none of them had ever thought possible as the ship seeks its revenge.

“The Prodigal” has a very interesting way of presenting truth versus fiction, which will leave its adult readers wondering if perhaps some of it could possibly be true. It meanders about from past to present as its many characters reminisce, which may cause confusion for some readers if they allow their minds to wander.

Thus I will leave it up to you to Decide if You Want to Read it or Not.



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