“The Promise” Ann Weisgarber

Rated 4 stars **** To be published April 1, 2014. ebook. ARC. Skyhorse Publishing. (Includes Author’s Note).

ThePromiseCatherine Wainwright an accomplished pianist, and financially independent woman, is a disgrace to the society matrons and her family. Despite it being the advanced year of 1900, there is no place for her kind in Dayton Ohio. With her income now gone she is desperate, and marriage is her only escape.

Writing past suitors elicits no response, until she hears from Oscar Williams whom she’d last spoken to 12 years earlier. His wife had recently passed, leaving him with a 5-year-old son Andre, and he is in need of a wife. After a few letters of courtship she agrees to marry him.

After their marriage on the island of Galveston Texas, Catherine is introduced to life as a dairy farmer’s wife. With no knowledge of how to cook, clean or be a wife/mother, and still missing her former life, Catherine spends her days feeling sorry for herself letting Oscar’s housekeeper Nan continue to rule his home.

Nan is in love with Oscar, and is not happy to have a spoiled city lady invade their world. She knows Oscar has made his decision, but she loves Andre and made a promise to Oliver’s former wife that she’d always care for him. She does her best to keep her feelings to herself but, as the two women struggle with their own demons, a bigger storm comes to Galveston. Suddenly, life takes a turn neither of them had ever expected and the people of Galveston will never be the same.

“The Promise” tells the story of unrequited love through the historical setting of the Galveston hurricane of 1900, which devastated the island. Readers will easily be drawn into Catherine, Oliver and Nan’s tragic story.

Recommended for Adult readers.





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