“The Summer of Letting Go” Gae Polisner

Rated 4 stars **** Published March 25, 2014. ARC. Algonquin.

TheSummerOfLettingGoFrancesca was 12 years old and was supposed to watch her four-year-old brother Simon, at the beach but she got distracted and he drowned. Now 16, she has not been able to forgive herself for letting him drown. In addition she is sure her mom hates her, since she has not been civil to her since he died.

Drama continues when her best friend starts dating Bradley, Frankie’s secret love crush, and she begins to suspect her father is having an affair. Feelings of guilt for Simons’s death coupled with liking her best friend’s boyfriend and insecurities about the possibility of never getting a boyfriend are bringing her down.

A reprieve arrives in the form of 4-year-old Frankie Sky. He is an adorable child who looks, talks and acts like Simon. Francesca is sure Simon’s soul has been reincarnated in Frankie, and each day something happens to further cement that belief. It doesn’t take long before her sixteenth summer becomes one she will never forget.

“The Summer of Letting Go” is emotional as well as thought-provoking, and will cause it’s 12-16 year-old readers to get lost in its pages.


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