“Me Since You” Laura Wiess

Rated 5 stars ***** Published February 18, 2014. ARC. Simon & Schuster.

MeSinceYouSixteen-year-old Rowan Areno is tired of her strict parents telling her what she can and cannot do. Her best friend Nadia’s parents allow her to leave the house in cute little shorts and tops, and let her do whatever she wants. Roe is jealous of their leniency, and frustrated because her police officer father runs a tight ship. Having been caught in the past, she is extra careful the day she decides to cut school with Nadia to meet a couple of guys. Within minutes of their arrival Nadia is convinced to go to a beach party with them and, despite knowing Roe has to be at work in a few hours so can’t go, has no problem ditching her.

Of course Roe’s dad catches her but, when he takes her home for the usual lecture, he is called out on a call for a suicidal jumper at a nearby bridge. Roe has no idea this call will forever change her life because it results in her dad falling so deeply into depression he commits suicide.

She and her mother are left to pick up the pieces of their lives, with both falling deeper and deeper into their own sadness and depression. Roe is angry with her dad for leaving her without a reason and without a note, and is not willing to be lifted out of the dark hole of sadness she’s dug for herself. It takes months but soon, the only thing keeping her head above water is her relationship with Eli. Eli had also been at the bridge with her father on that infamous day and, since his dad had been killed in Iraq, his empathy enables her to slowly climb out of the pit she had dug for herself and realize life can go on for those left behind.

“Me Since You” takes a usually-not-seen look at suicide and the effect it has on those left behind who suffer through the stares, suspicion, and questions of “why?” Wiess uses a term called the “ripple effect” to teach readers how one seemingly random act by one individual can affect a multitude of people.

Recommended for ages 16 and older.



2 thoughts on ““Me Since You” Laura Wiess

  1. Rowen says:

    Ms. Ramos,

    I finally found you! I was once a student in your 4th grade class in Brooklyn back in 1996. You were my favorite teacher in grade school. I am now 26 years old and still think about you. I loved the mini library we had in our classroom and all the creative activities you made us do (e.g. easter egg hunt, saying one nice thing about each of our classmates). You may not remember me but I will always remember you.


    • Mrs. Mac says:

      Susan! Of course I remember you!! I’ll send you a private email and we’ll catch up. Thanks for writing!

      Mrs. Mac aka Miss Ramos

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