“Moving Day: A Thriller” Jonathan Stone

Rated 5 stars ***** ebook. ARC. To be published June 1, 2014. Thomas & Mercer.

MovingDaySeventy-two year old Stanley Peke and his seventy-year-old wife Rose were ready to move to California, where they planned to enter the last phase of their lives. When the moving men showed up a day early Peke didn’t think anything of it, figuring his 72-year-old brain had forgotten such a small detail. The crew carefully loaded all the possessions he’d built up over the years, and all the memories of the life he’d made for himself from the time he arrived in America as an orphan to the life he’d lived with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Peke had never spoken of his past to anyone, and not even Rose knew of the struggles he’d gone through to survive from the Nazis in the woods as a seven-year-old Jewish child. As a Polish immigrant he’d changed his name, and put his past behind him despite having it continually residing in the depths of his being. His long-lost past returned to haunt him with a vengeance when the moving crew turned out to be a ring of thieves who stole away his life along with his possessions.

With revenge on his mind, Peke sets out to track down the thieves and get back his possessions. What follows is a cross-country chase, two similar yet different men fighting for dominance over what they considered to be theirs, a run-in with Skinheads, and a look into Peke’s past which would soon become his reality.

Stone has crafted a novel that will keep readers on the edges of their seats empathizing with Peke and understanding the resourcefulness, impetuosity and ingeniousness he employs to regain the person he’d lost 60 years earlier.

Recommended for Adult readers.


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