“Whisper” Stacey R. Campbell

Rated 3 stars *** ebook. ARC. 2014. Lakeview #2. Green Darner Press.

WhisperSomething mysterious is going on at Lakeview Academy. Halle is in her first year at Lakeview. Even though she’s only in 8th grade she pals around with Leigh, a senior and friend of her sister Bethany, who acts like a big sister.

While helping the seniors clean out an old building on campus, Halle comes across the diary of Elsie Stewart. Elsie had drowned at Lakeview in 1914, and her ghost was said to haunt the school. Halle discovers Elsie had accidentally set the school’s library on fire, but managed to save a solid gold crest and a school flag which her father treasured. She drowned before letting him know they hadn’t perished in the fire, and her spirit wouldn’t rest until someone found the hidden artifacts.

As Halle, Leigh and her friends struggle to put clues together and discover the crest’s hiding place, Leigh undergoes her own drama with Callum Stewart. Callum had been her boyfriend in 8th grade but, with bad blood between them, each has made the other’s life miserable. With Callum involved in the search for Elsie’s treasures, they find themselves thrown together in unusual situations. Despite herself, Leigh finds herself falling for him.

Set against ghostly appearances and romantic overtones, Campbell’s latest foray into the world of Lakeview Academy draws readers into its pages to find out what happens next to Leigh, Halle and Callum. Of great significance to me is that, despite “Whisper” being part of a series, it is a stand-alone book. Thus readers, like myself, who dislike reading books in a series because of the long wait time between books will breathe a sigh of relief and get to enjoy “Whisper” on its own merits.

Recommended for ages 12 and older.


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