“City of Heavenly Fire” Cassandra Clare

Rated 2 stars ** ebook. 2014. The Mortal Instruments #6. Simon & Schuster. (Margaret K. McElderry Books.)

CityofHeavenlyFireSebastian has reappeared, stronger and meaner than ever. With the help of his army of Endarkened, former Shadowhunters who had been turned through drinking from the Infernal Cup, he is determined to destroy the world and rule as its leader.

Jace is having difficulty learning to control the heavenly fire that burns within him, Alex and Magnus have broken up, leaving both miserable; Isabelle and Simon are madly in love with each other but neither will admit it, and Clary is desperate to get close to Jace without the heavenly fire being a barrier between them.

While each of our heroes struggle with issues, Sebastian’s powerful ally in Alicante is secretly planning a move that will turn Idris upside down and put every Shadowhunter in danger of becoming either extinct or Endarkened. When Magnus, Luke and other Downworlder leaders are captured, Jace, Clary, Alex, Simon and Isabelle will have to leave behind everything they hold dear and descend into the pits of hell to try and stop Sebastian forever.

I found “City of Heavenly Fire” to be a big disappointment. From the moment I read of Clary and Jace having trouble kissing because the heavenly fire kept electrocuting her with sparks, I was reminded of a similar problem between characters in the “Beautiful Creatures” series by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. This really turned me off, as I didn’t think Clare was very original with this part of her storyline. In my mind’s eye I kept seeing Lena and Ethan in Gatlin trying to get hot and heavy instead of Clary and Jace in Alicante.

In addition, I kept finding self-promotion with references to her book “The Shadowhunters Codex.” When it was given to Clary as a gift I figured this was done to drive up sales from readers, which was also a no-no for me.

Lastly, the biggest turnoff, was a disjointed feeling to the storyline because Clare kept leaving the action to return to a secondary character that kept having issues. When these weren’t rectified by the end of the book it became clear that Clare planned to introduce ANOTHER new series called “The Dark Artifices,” to be released in 2015 with this secondary character. To this I say “Enough with the series books already!”

Thus, after finding this last book in the “Mortal Instrument” series to be a huge disappointment I will have to leave it up to you to Decide if You Want to Read it or Not.

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