“Clockwork Prince” Cassandra Clare

Rated 4 stars **** 2011. The Infernal Devices, book #2. Margaret K. McElderry Books.

ClockworkPrinceThe Clave is not happy with Charlotte. With a challenge lodged against her leadership, she has two weeks to find Mortmain or will lose the Institute.

Thus begins a desperate search for the man who wants all Shadowhunters dead and Tessa for his bride. As clues about his whereabouts begin to appear, Charlotte, Jem, Tessa and Will encounter roadblock after roadblock. Unbeknownst to them a spy has revealed their plans, the Magister has been alerted to their search, and they have reached a dead end with time running out.

While trying to figure out what the Magister wants, and whether or not she’s a warlock, Tessa struggles with her feelings for Jem and Will. Her heart and soul belong to Will but he has turned her away repeatedly and made her feel as if he didn’t care for her. As Jem’s gentleness draws her closer, she begins to feel a different type of love for him.

Meanwhile Will is secretly working with Magnus trying to find the demon who cursed him, hoping for a reprieve so he can reveal his love for Tessa, Jessamine and Jem are hiding some of their own secrets, while Nate makes a surprise appearance.

Betrayal, love, confusion and lots of unexpected surprises reign supreme in “Clockwork Prince” as the clock ticks down to a thrilling conclusion which will leave readers rushing to get book #3 “Clockwork Princess” for the answers.

Recommended for ages 14 and older.

I found my original review from December 27, 2011 so decided to add it here:

The Team Jem versus Team Will saga continues as Tessa struggles to figure out who to love. Amidst their three way triangles of love, adventures abound as the Council brings pressure on Charlotte to find Mortmain – who is determined to rid the world of Shadowhunters through his vast Clockwork Army. Treachery, jealousy, betrayal, hope, and more are just some of the emotions evoked as our favorite Shadowhunters set out to save themselves from one who is determined to destroy them.


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