“Evidence of Things Not Seen” Lindsey Lane

Rated 1 star * ebook. ARC. To be published September 16, 2014. Farrar Strauss Giroux.

EvidenceOfThingsNotSeenAccording to those who barely knew him, Tommy Smythe was an odd student at Fred Johnson High. When he mysteriously disappeared, the sheriff began to question everyone who might have known him. Through their first-person narratives, readers gradually get a view of Tommy seeing him as a science nerd, possibly autistic loner fascinated with the theory of particle physics and parallel universes. Each of the characters interviewed shared a bit of their own inner struggles with loneliness, acceptance, and fear of the unknown while sharing the little they knew of Tommy.

Despite many of the characters sharing a little here and there about Tommy, helping to put flesh and bones to his ghostlike character, I found their stories to be disjointed. Some of the characters didn’t have any association with Tommy at all (like the 60-year-old married couple) which raised my curiosity as to why their stories were included in the book.

I didn’t enjoy the book, and especially didn’t enjoy its open ending, so will leave it up to You to Decide if You Want to Read it or Not.


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