“The Girl in the Wall” Daphne Benedis-Grab

Rated 5 stars ***** ebook. 2012. Merit Press.

TheGirlInTheWallThe last 9 months and 4 days have been horrible for Sera. Her ex-best friend Ariel turned against her, leaving her friendless and alone her senior year. It didn’t take long for Ariel to spread the word that she was a backstabber, forgetting that Sera had a reason for doing what she had to do that fateful day during their junior year.

However, as far as her parents are concerned, their feud is ancient history and she is forced to go to Ariel’s birthday party. No expenses have been spared for this grand weekend celebration for all the rich kids at New Canaan Country Day School, including having the famous singer Hudson Winters as entertainment.

Soon after the party begins, a group of machine gun toting assassins kill Ariel’s billionaire father and her best friend then hold everyone hostage. Ariel manages to escape into the fireplace which leads to a series of tunnels that wind through the home. With Ariel the main target, the head Assassin plans to keep killing her classmates unless someone tells him where she has gone. Despite knowing where Ariel is hiding, Sera holds firm to their friendship and joins forces with Hudson to try to figure out an escape before all of them meet their deaths. With the clock ticking, and Ariel still missing, it is only a matter of time before more of them meet the Assassin’s bullet.

This gritty thriller with cliffhanger chapter endings is told through the alternating voices of Ariel and Sera. Readers feel their inner thoughts and feelings, as well as the terror of their experiences, bringing their nightmarish experiences to life.

Unfortunately the cover choice brings to mind a girl casually looking through a cracked eggshell, rather than a girl peeking through the grate of a fireplace in fear for her life. I hope future editions of “The Girl in the Wall” will have a more realistic looking cover.

Recommended for ages 14 and older.


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