“Dangerous Creatures” Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Rated 5 stars ***** 2014. Dangerous Creatures, book #1. Little, Brown & Company (Hatchett Book Group). 327 pp. 

DangerousCreaturesLena, Ethan, and Link are finished with high school and ready to move on with their lives. While Lena and Ethan are planning to go to college, Liv and John are heading to Oxford. Ridley and Link’s on again off again romance is off because Link dared to say he loved her. Unable to tell him her true feelings, Ridley leaves Gatlin for New York where she loses at a high stakes gambling game and is bound to Lennox Gates, a dark Caster, for two house markers. One marker requires she provide his band with a drummer, which means making up with Link and tricking him into going to New York. The other marker she will owe him remains mysteriously unknown but Nox promises she will owe him big-time, and will be a year in his debt.

Afraid of the power Lennox now holds over her, and afraid for Link, Ridley is at Nox’s mercy. Unable to understand the strange attraction she has for Lennox, Ridley doesn’t know even darker forces have Nox in its grip. Unfortunately, those forces will stop at nothing to get her and Link to join Nox in a dark future of its choosing.

Once again Garcia & Stohl have mesmerized readers with this new, exciting series featuring Ridley, Link and the Caster world. The huge cliffhanger ending will leave everyone excitedly awaiting book #2. 

PS – Be sure to read the e-novella “Dangerous Dream” before you read “Dangerous Creatures” to have a better understanding of Ridley’s gambling losses and to learn more about how she and Lennox met.

Recommended for ages 14 and older.


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