“The Monmouth Summer” Tim Vicary

Rated 3 stars *** ebook. 2012. White Owl Publications. (Includes “Author’s Note.”)

TheMonmouthSummerIt is 1685 and in the countryside of a small English town Robert Pole, Lord of Shute Manor and soldier in King James II’s army, is romantically pursuing Ann, Puritan daughter of Adam Carter cloth seller. Despite knowing their backgrounds would never allow them to be married, Ann could not stop herself from loving Robert. Being betrothed to her childhood friend Tom only served to make her more fearful of spending her life with someone she did not love.

In the midst of Ann’s confusion the Duke of Monmouth, the King’s illegitimate son, arrived and brought his own upheaval. Knowing many of King James’ subjects objected to his Catholicism, the Duke promised to restore the Kingdom to Protestantism. Under that hope thousands of Puritans joined his army, including Adam and Tom, to try and topple King James from the throne.

In alternating chapters Ann and Adam’s hopes and fears for themselves and those they love are laid bare alongside the battles that raged between the Duke’s army and the King’s. As the war nears its end, Ann and her father find they will have to make unpopular decisions that may cause more harm than originally expected.

“The Duke of Monmouth” was actually a very good read. The number of grammatical errors was much lower than normally seen in self-published books, while the historical storyline was interesting, which allowed me to focus on what I was reading instead of being distracted by errors. Despite taking historical liberties with some facts (the many ways Ann showed her rebellious nature would never have dared to surface in a true Puritan family), Vicary did a fine job describing the tumultuous events of the summer of 1685.

Recommended for Adult readers.


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