“The girl on the train” Paula Hawkins

Rated 5 stars ***** ARC. To be published January 13, 2015. Riverhead Books (Penguin). 323 pp.

TheGirlOnTheTrainRachel is unable to reconcile herself with her inability to have children and her subsequent divorce from Tom, the love of her life. No amount of constant pleading and whining will jar him away from Anne, the woman who is now the mother of his child. As a result of turning to drinking to ease her pain Rachel has turned into a lonely, uncontrollable drunkard, managing to get fired from her job.

Not wanting her roommate to know of her joblessness Rachel continues to take her daily commuter train ride into London, pretending to go to work everyday. From her seat she regularly watches a couple who appear to be so in love on those brief train window glimpses that Rachel makes up her own version of their life. She is shocked when she finds out the woman has vanished and is feared dead. Rachel saw something the day before the woman disappeared and wants to tell the police, but would they believe her? Could a drunken woman at the end of her own rope make a difference in someone else’s life?

Megan was bored with her life with Scott. She loved him but he wanted more than she was willing to give. He wanted children but she wanted to be free. She never meant for the affairs to go as far as they did, but soon things got out of hand with one guy after another. Scott is starting to get suspicious, but Megan knows how to handle him. She is used to being the one in charge, but one lover is making things very difficult. Neither Megan nor Scott like things to get difficult.

Anne was proud of her life with her new husband Tom and their little daughter Evie. She is all set to make him forget about his ex-wife, but finds it hard because she continues to stick her nose in their business. She is fed up with her interference, and Tom’s inability to make her go away. Anne has her own plans for how to handle women who interfere in her marriage, and what she has in mind won’t be pretty.

Rachel, Megan and Anne. Three women. Three lives. Each separate, yet connected. They have a story to tell. Reality is mixed with fantasy in their minds, but will the truth of the missing woman come out before it’s too late?

I was thrilled to be selected to receive an Early Reviewer’s Copy of “The girl on the train” from LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer’s Group in November. I received it a few days ago, and began reading it on the 13th. It was so exciting I could hardly wait to finish it, as it’s a page turning whodunit with an ending that left me gasping in shock. This is Paula Hawkin’s debut novel, and she has entered the literary world with a BANG!

Highly recommended for Adults.


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