“Game” Barry Lyga

Rated 5 stars ***** ebook. 2013. Jasper Dent #2. Little, Brown and Company (Hatchette).

GameFresh off his capture of the Impressionist, Jazz is asked to come to New York City to assist the NYPD and FBI’s investigation of a serial killer nicknamed Hat-Dog. Faced with recurring nightmares which make him afraid he may grow up to become another Billy Dent, Jazz decides to head to New York and earn his “I hunt killers” tattoo. While leaving Howie in charge of his grandmother, a bit of hilarity ensues as Howie romantically pulls out all the stops (as only Howie can do) in his pursuit of Jazz’s aunt Samantha.

Meanwhile back in New York clues are assembled and Jazz begins to realize the killer is playing some sort of game with Billy at the heart of it. What he doesn’t know is Connie has deliberately involved herself in their deadly game, and the consequences for her could be fatal.

“Game” is even more exciting than “I hunt killers,” however, I was very disappointed in Connie. Her persistence in getting involved in a serious police case and not involve the authorities because she wanted to prove a point was childish, and definitely not the behavior I expected from someone who had proven to be the voice of reason in “I hunt killers.” The exciting cliffhanger ending will leave readers clamoring to get “Blood of my Blood,” the final book in the series. I can’t wait to see if Billy Dent will finally, and forever, get out of Jazz’s life.

Highly recommended for ages 14 and older.


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