“The Do-Nothing” Brannon Perkison

Rated 2 stars *** ebook. 2014. Rabbitboy Books.

TheDoNothingAfter an argument with his overbearing father, seventeen-year-old John pushes him off the second floor landing of their home. With his father’s sightless eyes burning into his memory, he flees into the darkness of the nearby woods. After crashing his car, he is rescued by a strange, hairy beast – the monster of his childish nightmares, and befriended by a group of ethereal women.

From this inauspicious beginning, John’s story continues to be fraught with a combination of fantasy and realism as he travels the Texas countryside without money or prospects, yet always manages to land on his feet. Readers are constantly overwhelmed with confused thoughts about his father’s death, an obsession with a strange Bigfoot-like creature, and an inability to make a decision without second guessing which was the crux of the problems he had with his father.

Perkison spins a web of deceit, which is obvious to everyone except John, but managed to confuse me with constant references to the bogeyman of John’s imagination. The ending left me scratching my head, asking myself “what just happened??”

I wasn’t happy with “The Do-Nothing,” but will leave it up to you to Decide if You want to Read it or Not.


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