“The one that got away” Bethany Chase

Rated 5 stars ***** Ebook. ARC. Ballantine Books (Random House). Published March 31, 2015.

TheOneThatGotAwaySarina Mahler is an accomplished architect in Austin, Texas, dating the man of her dreams for four years, and rooming with her best friend Danny. Despite being in love with Noah and savoring her budding architectural career, she had one small portion of her memory reserved for Eamon Roy; her one true love from 7 years ago. Having been deeply hurt by him she had been unable to forget how he made her feel and now, knowing he was moving back to Austin and she would soon be seeing him again, all those old feelings came rushing back to overwhelm her.

Now working with Eamon as the architect of his new home, she is determined not to let him know the extent of her feelings and to keep Noah in the dark about their past relationship. Despite her best intentions the past has a way of inching into the present and, with everything familiar crumbling before her, Sarina will have to decide if she will hold on to the familiarity and love she feels with Noah or strike out into the untried waters of a relationship with Eamon.

“The one that got away” is brilliantly written, and had me eagerly turning pages. I, of course, have my own “one that got away,” which made me empathize even more with Sarina’s struggles as I wondered about my “one.” Adult readers will find themselves also enjoying Bethany Chase’s debut novel and wishing for more from this talented author. I look forward to reading Chase’s next book.

Highly recommended for Adult readers.


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