“All the Rage” Courtney Summers

Rated 5 stars ***** Ebook. ARC. St. Martin’s Griffin. Published April 14, 2015.

AllTheRageNo one believes Romy. How dare she accuse popular, well-liked, handsome Kellan of rape? Kellan’s father is the Sheriff and his mom runs a popular business in town so, since everyone knows the Turners, no one will stand for Romy’s lies.

Now officially the most hated girl at school, Romy has lost her best friend Penny, who refuses to believe Romy is telling the truth. Hoping to create a new life for herself away from the constant bullying at school Romy takes a waitressing job at an out-of-town diner, where she meets Leon. With Leon she can forget about what happened, because she can pretend to be the old Romy who existed Before Kellan.

Soon Penny goes missing and, as Romy tries to figure out what happened to her, mysteries will be revealed which will shock everyone – especially the readers.

Through “All the Rage,” Summers reveals the terrible truth of date rape, and shows why women who are forced to keep silent should, instead, be screaming out in anger. A copy of “All the Rage,” along with Laurie Halse Anderson’s “Speak” and Colleen Clayton’s “What happens next,” should be required reading in every high school.

Highly recommended for High Schoolers.


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