“My Sunshine away” M.O. Walsh

Rated 3 stars *** ARC. EBook. Amy Einhorn Books. Published February 10, 2015.

MySunshineAwayThe summer of 1991 in the small town of Woodland Hills in Baton Rouge Louisiana was a summer that would never be forgotten, when everything in life turned upside down. It was both a beginning and an end.

An obsession with Lindy, the fifteen-year-old love of his life, begins our narrator’s reminiscing of his youth. As readers go through the inner workings of small town life, we realize the narrator is telling a story which shaped and molded him into the man he has become. That summer was as much his story as it was Lindy’s, forever changing everything and everyone.

While Walsh’s narrator uses flashbacks and reverts back to the present time to tell his story, he also waxes philosophically about that summer and goes off on tangents. The constant back-and-forth motion of his story may cause some readers confusion as they try to piece together what happened to Lindy.

Recommended for Adults.

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