“Miramont’s Ghost” Elizabeth Hall

Rated 3 stars *** EBook. 2015. Lake Union Publishing. (Includes an Afterword and Bibliography.)

Miramont'sCastleBased on a true series of events that took place in the real Miramont Castle of Colorado in 1900, “Miramont’s Ghost” is the story of young Adrienne, granddaughter of the Compte de Challembelles, and her ability to see visions from the past, present or future. This gift winds up causing undue stress when she inadvertently involves her priestly cousin Jacques. Her version of events incurs the wrath of her aunt Marie, who seemed as if she had something to hide and was not happy that Adrienne revealed some of her secrets.

As Adrienne grew into a lovely young lady, her gift caused her to become introverted and withdrawn as she struggled to hide her visions. Taking advantage of her mother’s inability to stand up for Adrienne or herself, her aunt whisked her to America where she experienced terrible circumstances resulting in devastating consequences.

“Miramont’s ghost” was interesting in its depictions of history, however, Adrienne and her mother’s character quickly became tiresome. Each was unable to defend themselves against the tyranny of Marie because of their constant focus on their own inability to stand up to Marie. Adrienne spent more time fantasizing about her life than actually living it, while her mother seemed to want to live in the past rather than the present.


I liked reading the historical basis for the story in the author’s Afterword, learning facts I never knew, but was not happy with the way the story ended. I was especially annoyed that Marie and Jacques got away scot free, while Adrienne and Gerard suffered the most.

Despite these reservations I recommend it for Adult readers, primarily for its historical aspects.


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