“Into the Whirlwind” Elizabeth Camden

Rated 4 stars **** Ebook. Bethany House. 2013. (Includes Historical Note and Discussion Questions.)

IntoTheWhirlwindMollie Knox took over ownership of the 57th Illinois Watch Company after her father’s death. The shop employed 40 disabled Civil War veterans who her father had served with, and the company enjoyed a modicum of success with their exclusive watch designs. Everything changed for Mollie on an October day in 1871 when the city of Chicago burned to the ground. On that fateful day Zack Kazmarek, the handsome lawyer of her biggest buyer, fought alongside her to help save her company from the flames. Despite their best efforts, the watch company burned to the ground.

Mollie never expected to have to start her life all over again, and she never expected help to have come from a man who had previously seemed to regard her in only a businesslike manner. Within a matter of days she found herself falling for Zack but events soon led to Colonel Lowe, another handsome man and Civil War hero, stepping forward to help the lovely Miss Knox get her company in order.

With her emotions raging faster than the flames that destroyed her city, Mollie will have to choose between Zack and Colonel Lowe. The future of the 57th Illinois Watch Company, and those who depend upon her for a living, rest on Mollie figuring out her fickle heart to make a wise decision.

I enjoyed reading this book, even though the author took much historical license by having Molly parade about the city unescorted and allowing Zack to use modern language in calling her “woman,” among other details. I recommend it for Adults who enjoy reading Historical Fiction.


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